Cultural Transformations in Corporations.

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Change Management

Strategic Change Management Planning and Execution helps clients create a business that excels, O-2 brings a variety of change-related approaches and methodologies for leaders to pro-actively initiate, implement, guide and manage the changes that are designed to improve the work and the business.  We address company strategy, strategic fit, internal and external alignment, strategy implementation for sustained long term results.


Cultural Transformations 

Every decision and action within in a corporation is shaped by its culture. Ideally, it is expected organizational cultures will change and adapt to various economic pressures and business conditions. Otherwise why would they remain in business?  Unfortunately, what got the organization and business to where they are in the current moment cannot be what gets them to where they might want to be in the future.  Businesses don’t change and prefer to hold onto the past. The reality is that crisis or opportunity push organizations to adapt in order to succeed in a shifting business landscape. We at O2 help organizations adapt to change.

O-2's approach:

  • Review an Organization’s History. What are the business principles that form the simple organizational rules?
  • Assess The Business opportunities, challenges, and possibilities against core business and human capabilities
  • Align Stakeholders. Communicate and leverage stakeholder perspectives as it looks in the intended future.
  • Organize for Efficiency and Effectiveness. Design an organization that will maximize skills, talents and institutional knowledge to deliver effective decisions and align responsibility and accountability.
  • Manage Risk. Preparing a back up plan for the unknown and unexpected by looking at possibility scenarios then assess and build organizational capacity to adapt to uncertainty.
  • Finalize an Implementation Plan.  Including measures and follows up to ensure commitment that moves the organization to the effective and competitive future.

Business Team Alignment for Projects and Programs

Project and program leaders who do not take the time to assess and align a project or program with the business simple fail.  We work with project and program leaders early in the life cycle of the project to assess and build a project plan that aligns the work to the business, identifies roles and responsibilities, and incorporates business goals and measures that are supported by a detailed communication and follow up plan.  We do this by translating the larger organizational change approaches and applying the same theories, models, methods, tools, and measures at the project level to ensure long term change and project success at the project and program level. 

Organizational Change Readiness Assessment

Leaders intuitively know to plan and manage change in an organization it will impact the work culture, business processes, and technology in the area of time, energy, human systems and capital. To help design and implement planned change it is important to understand the cultural and organizational resistances within an organization. O2 will assess the Change Readiness of an organization and based on the assessment feedback we collaborate with leaders to design organization specific approaches for effective change planning and management.


Successful businesses have a performance management process in place defining the goals, objectives, and measures to support the organizations strategic direction. The main purpose of the O2 performance management approach is to link individual objectives (development and growth) and organizational objectives (performance and results) and align objectives that bring value to the business and out perform the marketplace.

At O2 we work with leaders to design a balanced and integrated approach to performance management to include performance expectations, communication and coaching for accountability and increased responsibility. We include:
Performance planning  where goals and objectives are established  and 

Performance communication and coaching where the leader communicates the goals that drive accountability to functions and individuals who are responsible for the work.  The leader provides feedback and gives ongoing feedback for continuous improvement.
Performance appraisal where individual performance is formally documented and year end feedback delivered.


At O2 we look at the proaditional analysis to process improvement that can redesign your business.  We work to develop unique solutions to the work process that gives a competitive edge to the organization in the marcess of work with a designer’s eye to the business improvement need. We couple non linear approaches with trketplace. This is where adaptive capability meets standard work!


In managing change in today’s competitive environment leaders require the capability to adapt quickly and thrive in ambiguous changing environments to be successful.  O2, we approach Leadership Coaching  and Development by partnering with individual leaders. Together we identify approaches that help in  the leader's success, as well as behaviors that are impacting their effectiveness.  Based on a combination of assessments, 360 feedback, observation, and interviews, we tailor a development plan specific to the leader and his/her work by:  

  • Assessing individual strengths and developmental needs
  • Identifying and collaborating on an action plan for development and increased personal effectiveness
  • Creating a follow up plan to ensure leadership growth is sustained
  • Building  a support resource system to objectively help facilitate the learning process


From large organizations to project teams implementing structured communications plans can benefit from an independent look at their communication requirements to assure an integrated communication approach that will align actions and words with key business goals.The O2 planning process is designed to:

  1. Deliver good strategic results by ensuring that your communications align closely with the course and direction, implementation plans, and priorities established by the direction and company mission
  2.  Identifies of all target audiences-internal and external
  3. Tailors communications for each target audience based on differing information requirements and communication styles.
  4. Includes a set of necessary activities with potential champions and general timeframes.
  5. Measure and follow-up for assessing the effectiveness of communication

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